“Divya Aakruti”  which literally means “Divine Art” is simply the manifestation of a deep desire which originated from the depths of my soul in childhood. I remember clearly that at the age of 2years, when I still could not write , I could draw. At that tender age I was maddeningly drawn to the  colorful calendar prints of the various deities. My vacations were spent copying these pretty pictures onto small notebooks.

Life, the fabulous teacher that She is, had other plans. As I grew older, I forgot the calling of my soul, the gift and talent that I was born with and got into main stream competition. Life took me from Genetics to Investment banking, mind you I managed both equally well…..the only reason I switched is because, it did not fulfill me. Finally in October 2004, when the insane desire to paint became too intense to ignore, I resigned from HSBC to paint full time.

Once again, let me clarify that I have not studied this science of “Healing through art” anywhere. I am not even sure there are any courses existing for it. I do know however, that I am blessed and gifted and sent here to help myself and others through my creations on paper and canvas. As I experienced the various hues and shades of life, one thing I grew absolutely certain about, is that we can only change and control our own self.


If we want to change our world and our universe, we need to alter our perception and our own thinking.

My first painting was that of the magnificent and wild Shiva, unbound and free , powerful and magnetic. He is my first Guru and everything else, the force that guides me, protects me, loves me, fights with me, and exists with me every moment every day. As I painted Him, I felt my life transform, starting from my thoughts, my emotions right down to my behavior. For the first time I knew why I was alive. As more and more people saw the painting, they would sit in front of Him, meditate and come back the next day telling me that something in their life had changed. That is when I knew, why I was Here, on earth in this lifetime. I had once again found my soul’s calling.

As I painted , I was blessed to be able to heal myself as well as seek out the infinite healing power and wisdom that resides within each one of us. Since October 2004, my journey with numerous Higher beings and guides at different points of time in life has taught me that each one of us is here simply to seek the One that resides within us. We all seem to be walking different paths, but have the same destination. To seek God who lives in us and everything around us.

Join me in search of the Golden lotus……..in which lies the seed of OM.

Awarded with the "PARIJAT SANMAAN" award in Feb 2019 for contribution to the preservation and promotion of Indian Art in Painting.