I personally believe that “Healing” simply means to make whole, to make complete and that is not simply in reference to the physical aspect. One need not seek healing only if one is suffering from a physical or mental ailment but it can be sought if one simply needs to feel in balance at all times, to simply “ feel that life is right”.

“Healing through art” is a very ancient science practiced by ancient siddhas in various cultures throughout the world, Indians, Tibetans, Egyptians and Shamans. It is based on the fact that everything in the universe whether material or emotions or speech or thoughts is simply energy of varying frequencies. This artwork is created purely through intuition after connecting to a person’s individual and through meditation, very similar to the artwork used by ancient seers to create Hindu yantras and the Tibetan monks to create mandalas.

The paintings are high energy works acting on the energy bodies and aura of people causing a shift in their consciousness by unblocking and activating blocked chakras.

This cleansing will in turn automatically reverse the negative though patterns and emotions causing a broadening in one’s perspective towards life. Positive thoughts and emotions, needless to say , have a far healthier manifestation in the physical reality of one’s life.

These paintings serve as visual tools that act as centering devices or as symbolic compositions of the energy pattern of a diety or a positive thought pattern. As a tool to aid meditation, these paintings are used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world and direct it to the inner world of the Self to enable the individual to reach an altered state of consciousness increasing inner silence and tranquility.

These paintings do not perform miracles ,however  a person dedicated to transformation and growth through practice and faith can make the miracle happen . We are all on the same path…..the search for God. That’s what the paintings help us to achieve, our connection with the God within and Infinity!