The Healing through art concept is ancient and today being used in many medical and healing institutes to enable a person to tap into his creative power in order to heal primarily, emotionally and mentally.

“ In search of the golden lotus” was conceived when people would take my artwork and ask me to teach them how to paint. I couldn’t teach them how to paint as I had no formal art training myself but I realized I could guide them to connect to their emotions and express the same. The focus all the while being not the end product but the process of expression.

The workshop begins with a brief introduction to the major chakras and their influence on our bodies, mind and lives.

I then guide participants to tune into their deep, unacknowledged , negative and fearful emotions and thoughts, which have become belief patterns , governing their daily lives and preventing them from enjoying a full and wholesome life .

 Accepting that part of us is the first step. This is possible when done together in a group as group dynamics and space presents a perfect space and ambience for acknowledgment.

The second step in expression which I help the participants to achieve through a visual guided meditation.

The only rule applicable throughout this workshop is that participants are not allowed to speak or communicate with each other. So, even though group dynamics is largely at play, each person is still in his /her safe space working things out slowly in the mind, accepting , releasing and cleansing.

“ This workshop being conceived by me, I don’t follow a set pattern , I flow largely with the group and allow them to set a pattern of what needs to come next”.

The workshop involves Sufi whirling, forgiveness techniques , throat chakra cleansing and creativity.


For employees of all branches of Mumbai of Morgan Stanley- July 2012
For the traumatized inmates of NGO , Asha Sadan, Dongri, Mumbai- May 2013
For members of Hindu Cultural Center at Stratford, CT, USA. - Dec 2013

In effect, this 2.5 hour workshop involvessearching for The Golden lotus , the seed and seat of divinity present in all of us. It is not a solution but the beginning of a beautiful and miraculous journey towards life in all its glory and magnificence.